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Straight Aaron. No Chaser.

2020 Candidate Endorsements

Today, I announce my endorsement of three candidates:

Joe Biden: US President of the United States - After working on the Obama Biden Campaign, and after watching him serve our country as Vice-President, I am confident that a vote for Joe is a vote for Hope. When you have the opportunity, check out his platform and examine it for yourself. His roadmap for America offers a far brighter future than what the incumbent currently offers.

Eleanor Holmes Norton: DC Delegate to the United States House of Representatives - Although I am not a native of DC, Delegate Norton has shown me what it is to be Washingtonian. She takes very seriously the notion of fighting for the daring ideas surrounding equality, in all forms, and advocates for them in committee and on the floor, regardless of how big the opposition. I am convinced in this upcoming term (if elected), her long fight for statehood and for delegates to receive the right to cast a vote in congress will finally be fulfilled.

Robert White: At-Large Member of the DC City Council - Politics are local and if you want to see the strength of a city, take a look at the members of the city council. Robert White has proven to be accessible, accountable, but more than anything relatable. His support is not biased to any special interest. Whether it's seniors, or education, or music, or technology...he has proven that progress, regardless of the field, can be made if we listen and work together. His agenda is what's best for DC, and I am proud to support him.