NBLogo V2When it comes to the next step for actors in Washington, most head east from DC to New York or even try to be a dual-city citizen. However, Noah Baron, an American University trained actor, westward was the trajectory he had in mind when he moved to Los Angeles over eight years ago.

During his time in LA, Baron collaborated with a friend and created Just Another Production Productions (JAPP) that over time became critically acclaimed nationwide for their weekly, comedic online shorts posted on YouTube.

Specifically, JAPP’s spoof short of the cult classic Fight Club called “Cuddle Club” landed them first recognition on the site Funny or Die, then recently a short called “Being in a Relationship vs. Reality.” He is even part of a fan-made Captain Planet trailer that garnered over 13.3 million views! Although, after six years of much success, Baron was ready to pursue new goals and the time came to end production via JAPP.

           “I was ready to focus on myself more as an actor and growing my skills in producing and directing,” said Baron.

            Concurrently to JAPP, Baron found himself landing progressively bigger opportunities such as being part of ABC’s To Tell the Truth and playing a part on The Middle, and his biggest opportunity in a speaking role in the Coen brothers feature film Hail Caesar.13443165 10100493022655791 546359763202868411 o

            In addition to this, Baron dabbled in producing and directing through his time creating online shorts. Now, he heads into 2018 with the release of a short film called EX-mas Party he helped produce with director Jay Diaz about everyone’s favorite moment of seeing an ex-lover at a holiday social gathering.

            We asked Baron whom his top three Hollywood producers and directors are he wants to work with in his career, and he mentioned some great names such as producer Greg Berlanti and director Christopher Nolan, all for specific reasons, but the top choice was Aaron Sorkin, (the man known for creating the hit show The West Wing. NBD).

            “I would love to work with [Sorkin] because he is a great writer. Working with him in any capacity – actor, director, or producer – would be amazing!” Baron said.

           He attributed where he is now to following his impulse and not being afraid to make mistakes and pursue what made him happy, which is what he wants to impart on other actors in DC – or anywhere – that are debating what their next career step will be. Baron said he learned his production skills from being self-motivated to gain first-hand experience without too much guidance from experts who were not already friends.

           With all of his accomplishments and goals in tow, he also hopes to grow his following as an independent artist, so we highly encourage you, the reader, to follow Baron across all platforms – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube – right now to keep an eye on this rising star. We definitely will!


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