KD WaterColor V10 4AIn 1992, Canadian pop and country singer/songwriter K. D. Lang released an album, Ingénue, that gave life to many beloved songs including the unforgettable “Constant Craving” for which she won both Grammy and a Juno Awards for. 25 years later, and after numerous more critically acclaimed albums, Lang is going on tour to celebrate this very special anniversary with her fans.

“I’m going to sing through the whole album,” Lang said as she explained what people can expect from this concert. After doing that, she will perform various selections from her discography. Lang said she hopes to present the songs from the album in a manner that will honor the way her fans experienced them and the way they grew to love the music.

“I am revisiting with mixed emotions about [the songs], so I want to perform them in a neutral manner because the audience has a certain relationship with it that I don’t want to influence,” Lang added.

Ingénue itself was created by Lang and her writing partner Ben Mink after they were involved in the country music scene seven years prior to its release.

“We wanted to get back to music that informed us as musicians, and Ingénue is a combination of these influences,” Lang said.

The musical influences Lang touts are Neil Young and Leonard Cohen, which she said were prevalent in her upbringing. Specifically, she also spoke about her version of Cohen’s “Hallelujah,” which she said came out of the need for spiritual reverence, and a bout of writer’s block, in the wake of 9/11.

            Regarding touring again, Lang looks forward to coming back to the Washington, DC metro area when she performs at The Strathmore Arts Center in North Bethesda on March 25. She expressed excitement to see the fans she has a great relationship with and to revisit a favorite venue.

            In addition to talking about music, we did ask her – given the current political climate and the fact that she is coming to the nation’s capital as someone who is considered an LGBTQIA+ music icon – if she had anything to say to her followers about the future of Queer politics or American politics in general. Her message was simple:

            “It is the same as it’s been for the past 25 years. When we’re faced with ignorance, hatred, and misunderstanding, we always take the position of the patient ones. The pendulum swings back and forth because when we expand our views, we struggle. Keep pushing. Hang in there!” Lang said.

            Tickets are on sale now for her 19-city Ingénue Redux 25th Anniversary Tour this spring, and you can get yours via her website or the Strathmore event page. Hurry because these tickets will sell out fast! (Photo Credit: Kate Southall/BBC Picture Publicity)


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