As fascinating as the trailers were I didn't get tickets early and I stopped watching to preserve the suspense. There was just so much to look forward to.
Then the moment I'd been waiting for;
The Black Brilliance:
Lupita Nyongo, plays the main love interest. Chadwick Boseman and Daniel Kaluuya act their ass off! 
The flashbacks and story symmetry are worthy of wails from the back of the theatre. Pro tip: Always stay through the end credits of a Marvel, action or super-hero movie. 
black panther image1140
To do so much in such a short period of time! Think about it- we got two movies to learn about Iron-Man, Two Thors, an Avengers- an Ant-Man, Captian America, Captian America the Winter Soldier, The HULK- before introducing the whole nation of Wakanda!
Thor was three hours! 
But there are more upsides to this weekend release...
Most black movie villains are stereotypes- but what happens when they have more in common? The movie isn’t really complete without a villain and Black Panther's underbelly doesn't disappoint. 
 Main characters Michael B. Jordan and Chadwick Boseman facing off.
And Fashion:
black panther cast1140
Not enough has been said about black fashion and black culture: from hair to clothing, jewelry, shoes, and moves- great filmmaking takes a moment to appreciates the details.  If you come to the theater dressed to the nine you won't miss out! 
The team:
Every movie needs
nate moore1140
...someone to pay for it. 
The job of the producer is to raise money and find the right people to get the movie done on time. For convincing Hollywood to believe in the vision of a young black director, and a cast of diamonds in the rough we have to thank Nate Moore. As the only black producer on Marvel's studio's film division, this one goes above and beyond even for the casual non-comic book fans.  
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