the Beanstalk Library.160710.04774“There is not a firm sound because it is more about what results after it all comes together. We are a rock-and-roll band you can sing along to with Roots-y influences,” group founder and singer/songwriter Ryan Walker said.

The name itself, however, came from a random search for memorable words and the longing not to have a name that pigeonholed the group into a genre.

“Once I chose the name, I liked the idea of borrowing from the children’s story Jack and the Beanstalk where our music grows like a plant toward the sky to create a kind of heroic development of [music] that people like,” Walker said.

The group concept was created by Walker in the mid-oughts, and it came from a place of wanting to back his songwriting with a full-band, so he brought together musicians he met and worked over his career.

            “I needed to have people I trust,” Walker explained about the several iterations of band member configurations. “It’s important to know that these are the right people.”

            Presently, The Beanstalk Library consists of Walker with Joel Hicks, Adam Neubauer, David Gassman, Brian Pagels, and Erin Ryan. They already have two albums out and available – America At Night and The View From Here – and an EP called Returns.

            This Friday, April 6, The Beanstalk Library will make their Pearl Street Warehouse debut at DC’s District Wharf. Previously, they made regular appearances, and hosted an annual New Year’s Eve event, at the now defunct IOTA Club, but Walker said they will keep its memory alive in the shows they will play moving forward.

            At Pearl Street Warehouse, Walker revealed that they will present crowd favorites and a new single called “Easier,” that fans can download on Friday as well, which will be an introduction to a series of forthcoming new music.

            “It is similar to past songs where there are verses and choruses, but this song has violin and electric guitar that is a step forward in quality. I’m proud of it!” Walker said.

            According to Walker, the next album they produce will be something more conceptually whole. He and the band set a goal to write at least 20 songs, then from there chose which will be on the album, and Easier made the cut.

            “It was about matching lyrics to musical ideas, then developing the songs as a band,” Walker said.

            Tickets for their show at Pearl Street Warehouse are available now and its suggested that you get your tickets ahead of time rather than at the door. Check them out online and be ready to join the fun Friday night at the District Wharf!


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