What better way to celebrate healthy living than an event worth remembering?

250 guests showed up at Providence Uncorked, a cook-off and raffle raising money for Providence Hospital on Wednesday, Oct. 8.

6 chefs participated in the cook-off. All came from high-profile restaurants like Rebellion, Alfies, Lucky Buns, Sixth Engine and Johanna's Table. 

The Providence Hospital team, Andre Lang and Gregory Carter won the cook-off.

Darcy Burthay, the President and CEO of Providence Health System as well as a former nurse, hopes the event will shed more light on Providence’s mission: helping those who need it the most.

“We’re a known entity but I think our awareness of our continued focus on the poor and vulnerable always needs to be out there,” Burthay said.  

A raffle was held during the event while guests mingled and enjoyed wine and beer selections. As the event happened, attendees could see the chefs preparing different meals.

Travis Weiss, the culinary director for Proof Hospitality, was one of the chefs participating in the competition.

“Being able to help raise money for children or any good cause is awesome,” Weiss said. “Being a chef in D.C. is awesome, we’re the hottest food city in the world and it’s cool to be part of it.”

As a former registered nurse from Indiana, Burthay, who has been in the city for less than a year and half, hopes the event is just the start of making healthcare more equitable for the city.

“The more I’ve gotten to know what healthcare is and what this city’s agenda is for health equity and improving the health of the residents in D.C, I think we could make a difference here,” Burthay said. “I think we can help bring people together collectively with common agendas and we can make a difference.”

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Travis Weiss cooks with pork. 

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Competition can't stop these chefs from getting friendly. Together, they pose after the cook-off.