How do we get over the “hump day” blues? Especially now that it is getting colder and the rain is starting to pour. We just don’t have that drive to get up and put any efforts into our looks. Some of us feel that we have to pull our old faithful puffer jacket out the closet. BORRING!!!!  There is such a thing as being warm AND stylish.


For instance, breaking out of the mold with a beautiful yellow pea coat, maybe a plum knee length jacket or even a baby blue day coat. There is no rule that says as it gets colder so should your wardrobe. Explore your options!  I know it may seem scary, but style is all about taking risks.


Next thing on the agenda are those forsaken rain/snow boots. Now we all can admit to having that one pair of rain boots that have some absurd print that’s loud and not really work appropriate, or they were cute at the time but they go with nothing in your closet. Well those days are gone and now rain boots have evolved into very stylish pairs of shoes. They come in styles that would make you wish it rained all the time such as platform heels and wedges. And if you want to stay low to the ground they have some for you also.


So here are just a few tips that I hope get you through your Wednesday and start you on the journey of bright and beautiful colors this fall.


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